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designable/scaleable shot clock panel

Shot clock panel can fit on a 16:9 display. Currently it leaves a lot of empty space.

Also, the game timer on the shot clock panel might look better if it's colored yellow, just like the one on the main board.

Kiko , 10.05.2014, 12:56
Response from the site administrator
eguasoft, 26.05.2014
Could you please send a screenshot to eguasoft@gmail.com
Idea status: under consideration


preyes24973, 16.08.2017, 21:00
Hi, thank you for helping me fit the shot clock on the 4:3 monitor. The problem mentioned above only occurred when used on 4:3 resolutions. However the timer remains red, just like the shot clock. Could you please make it yellow? Thanks again.
ed106, 18.11.2017, 05:31
I do the same too the timer is on the left side only and leaves too many spaces on the monitor
RoarW, 29.03.2018, 14:45
I am testing on a 4K screen and ideally I would like to set the resolution in the settings tab. I could make it fit to half or a third of the screen. This will make it possible to have other windows running, a information tab showing information about next match, found and missing, where is Dad and stuff :-)
Btw it looks great. I have to test it on some Mum's and Dad's to verify if it is intuitive enough. Not everyone who is familiar with the scoreboards. Maybe a little bigger buttons for the most common ones (?). Customizeable size of controlpanel as well ?
Roar W

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